Our Water

The beautiful Klickitat River

From early summer through autumn, we fish the Deschutes River in north Central Oregon. We are proud to be the only fly fishing guide service offering both day trips and camp trips on the lower twenty-three mile stretch of the Deschutes.  The river is truly a unique fishery offering both world class summer steelhead and trout fishing.

The seductive 
Klickitat River in south central Washington is another great option in the fall.  Smaller and less intimidating than the nearby Deschutes, the "Klick" gives anglers the chance to chase some of the 
largest summer run steelhead in the Columbia Basin.   Larimer Outfitters is the only fly fishing guide service permitted for National Scenic Area.  This includes the beautiful Spey water downstream of Pitt Bridge.

If you're limited on time, the 
Hood River offers a great half day walk-in experience.  The Hood has a tremendous run of both winter and summer steelhead.  We also utilize the river for our private Spey casting lessons.

The winter finds us on the 
Sandy River and Clackamas River.  The possibility of hooking a truly big steelhead is an everyday reality on these beautiful rain forest rivers.  Miles of classic pools beg for a swung fly.  Both rivers offer some of the finest winter steelhead fishing in the Northwest.

If you're looking for a more remote winter steelhead experience, consider fishing one of the incredible 
Oregon Coast rivers with guide Jeff Hickman.  Jeff is our resident coast expert.  The North Coast is slowly being recognized as one of the greatest winter fisheries in the Northwest.