Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Trout Fishing Is Good

Mmmmm... Yellow Sally
The trout fishing on the Deschutes is as good as it gets.  We've been having some great fishing in the mornings and early afternoons.  The river has been slowing down around 2:00 pm, then picking back up around 4:00 pm.  While the dry fly fishing has been a little slow, we've been having huge days dead drifting small pheasant tails, midge and caddis pupa.  If we have found fish on top, it's been a yellow sally or caddis game.  However, the fish are starting to key in on terrestrials like grasshoppers and ants.  Windy afternoons can generate some great dry fly fishing this time of the year.  Most anglers on the Deschutes don't consider fishing grasshoppers... That's because there isn't a large population of bugs from Mack's Canyon up river.  However, the lower river offers some fantastic terrestrial fishing.

-Tom Larimer

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