Sunday, August 14, 2011

Final Thoughts From The Dean

Back in Hood River and I'm already missing the hell out BC West and the Dean.  This was my third time hosting a trip up there and every time it gets a little better.  The staff is continually making improvements to the lodge and the experience.  Everyone left with huge grins on there faces...  Not to mention the incredible memories forever burned into our mental fishing albums.

The fishing was good...  We hooked, landed and lost our fair share for the week.  But you go to the Dean for more than just the body count.  It's more about experiencing a healthy ecosystem where bears are still at the top of the food chain, wolfs are the night watchmen and the run of wild steelhead is strong.  It's an opportunity to glimpse through a window of time and see what our rivers here in the states were once like -and what we would all like to see them be again.  But the reality is unfortunate...  They never will be.  For that very reason, I cherish every moment, every cast and every fish on the Dean... Despite man's attempt to muck this world up, the river and it's mighty canyon are still a stronghold for all things wild.  

-Tom Larimer

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