Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

I'm thankful for being a steelheader...
This Thanksgiving I’m especially thankful for a wonderful fishing season in 2011.  I was fortunate enough to host a number of trips to some incredible fly fishing destinations around the globe.  The Bahamas showed me how a 12 pound bonefish can really mess with my casting.  My trip to Alaska West was insane… By far the best trip I’ve ever taken to the north.  The Dean was especially kind to my group –The river lived up to it’s name and then some.

I had a number of new Airflo Spey line designs hit fly shops this season.  After four years of working with Airflo, I finally feel my family of lines is complete. Thank you to Tim Rajeff and the folks at Rajeff Sports for the opportunity.

Although we faced some tough spring conditions in Oregon, the summer and fall easily made up for it.  The lower Deschutes fished as well as I’ve ever seen.  A special thanks goes out to my guide and camp staff for all their hard work.

Finally, I’m extremely grateful for all the folks that fished with us in 2011. Thank you for your continued business and support. –I can’t express my gratitude enough.

Happy Thanksgiving!
-Tom Larimer
Larimer Outfitters

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