Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Making Of Skagit Master Three

Jeff Mishler hard at work at my tying bench.
My good friend Jeff Mishler from New Water Media is the man behind the extremely popular Skagit Master Series of videos.  Jeff was gracious enough to invite me to be a part of the newest addition to the series, Skagit Master 3.  The video will focus on fly tying, and the philosophies of the tiers. My segment will include my Reverse Marabou and Loop Leech.  Look for the video to be available sometime this winter.



  1. Nice work Tom. Well reserved recognition for the work you do for the trout/steelhead community. It wil be great for others that don's subscribe to the various blogs to see you in action.

  2. I agree with michael. Looking forward to seeing the video. Your fly tying desk is immaculate or did you tidy up for the show? Weren't you also working on a casting video? Mark

  3. I hope the video also show how you fish it in the field... because I am not going to buy a DVD just have indoor shots... l love SM1,2 and still watching it every now and then...

  4. Ya know, a "fishing the fly" section would be invaluable. SM 2 touched on this a bit, but now some of us are craving a little more. We always want more don't we; we are greedy !!! With all this free instruction, though, we are also taught the etiquette, manners,a nd conservation importance; and those lessons are also being passed about. so everyone gets something out of the deal.

    Anyways.....There are little rod manipulations, a guy stepping down just after his stuff landed on the water, little pulls nad changes to the shape of the arc/bend of the line as the fly swings......lots of this is sort of forgotten by a lot of folks. Getting your stuff to land on the water is one part. Getting a good looking fly is another. But like a 3 legged stool, a fly that behaves enticingly in various types of current is a must also to have it all solid.