Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guide Bio -Joe Ringo

Joe Ringo -Fly fisherman, tyer, innovator, educator, dreamer, and a damn nice guy.  

I first fished the Deschutes River for steelhead in July of 1972. We would walk up from the mouth generally 3 to 5 miles. At that time, we fished with glass rods and used "Steelies" as lures. We occasionally used grasshoppers (real ones) with red yarn. The good ole boys swore that the smell of the grasshoppers drove the steelhead wild. I've always wondered about that...  Was it the scent that appealed to the fish or the red yarn?  Why do many reliable steelhead flies have a red tail?

After college and the Army I began fly fishing for trout and steelhead on the Deschutes in the Warm Springs area. That was in the 70's.  I also started fly fishing for steelhead upstream of the mouth.  My fishing brought me to the Maupin area in the late 80’s and I fell in love.

I loved it so much, my wife Kathi and I retired from our bar business on the west side of the mountain and moved to the banks of the Deschutes in 2002. We have a modest house in Maupin less than 5 minutes from the river.  Since moving to Maupin, I've worked at both fly shops here in town.  I was even part owner of one for a while.

I now fly fish for trout and steelhead, tie flies, read, play the guitar, play poker, help people catch fish and work as a guide for Larimer Outfitters (simply the best outfitters).  I'm a little wild and crazy when it comes to tying flies. Some would say I am obsessive compulsive when it comes to fly fishing... But I love the sport, its my passion.

-Joe Ringo

-Joe will be guiding our walk-in trips for trout and steelhead in the Maupin area.

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  1. Hoser, love your commentary and love of the RIVER. Look forward to more of your postings... and perhaps more poetry? S.