Sunday, February 27, 2011

Deschutes Flyfishing Report for Maupin Area

We are here to give you real time, accurate and truthful information about fishing in the Maupin area for trout and steelhead. This river can be very tricky and demanding at times. You may do very well one day using a specific method, go back to that same place and use the same method the next day and get handed your lunch. We are also here to help you catch fish. If we can make you happy we will be happy.

It’s winter now and the blue winged olives and midges are the main menu now. There are also some active winter stone flies. More on winter stones later. Trout will be our topic until July. In July we will discuss trout and steelhead. We specialize in catching steelhead on dry skating flies. Skaters Are Purity. Skaters Open Your Heart.

I have not seen any March browns yet (actually should be called March tans). We really look forward to this hatch, it can be truly awesome on this section of the river. Cased caddis (American Grannom) will be coming in late April. The stonefly hatch will start in mid-May and after that, the little yellow stoneflies (actually they are tannish in color) start in early spring.

Joe Ringo

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