Saturday, April 9, 2011

5 Reasons To Fish The Deschutes Stonefly Hatch

Dinner is served...
Every May, the famous golden stonefly hatch happens on the Deschutes River.  You can see the craziness in the eyes of other anglers on the water or wondering around town at night.  When you hit it right, you'll feel like a trout fishing God.  Here's five reasons to chase the hatch this season...

1.  Stoneflies make trout stupid... Stupid trout make us feel like better anglers than we probably are.

2.  Pictures of trout with big shit hanging out of their mouth is way cool.

3.  You don't need your magnifiers to see the damn things.

4.  Fishing 3X tippet is way more fun than 6X tippet.

5.  If we ate the same portion respectively, it would be like swallowing a poodle whole.

-Tom Larimer

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