Thursday, April 7, 2011

How To Rob A Bank… Part Three –Dressing For Success.

Think "Pack Animal Brown" when stalking Deschutes Trout

A few years ago I was guiding a couple of trout anglers on the Deschutes River in the Maupin area on a perfect spring day.  As we floated by a choice piece of bank water we could see the snouts of many big fish chowing on mayflies like a cocaine addict snorting blow.  “We’re going to rope ‘em” I thought to myself. 

I quietly parked my drift boat below the fish and got into position.  The foam lines were alive with happy fish and all was well.  Just about then I heard a car stop just up river from us.  I rather large man got out and promptly put on his ten gallon -bright white cowboy hat.  As he walked down the road towards us -in plain view of the fish, I watched every trout on the bank drop deeper in the water column and stop feeding…  The show was over and we never made a cast.

The belly of an Osprey is bright white, and the wild trout of the Deschutes are very aware that they are Mr. Ospreys favorite dish on the menu.  Not to mention big cowboy hats are silly.

A word to the wise when stalking big fish in “bank water”…  Wear natural toned clothing that blends into the environment.  Avoid bright colors, especially white.  Companies like Simms make a wide range of comfortable fishing clothing that will ensure you stay concealed.  Trust me, it’s the difference between zero and hero.

-Larimer Outfitters Staff

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