Friday, April 1, 2011

Bahamas Bonefish -The Final Day

I just got off the flats on our final day of chasing bonefish at Andros South Lodge, and it was everything saltwater fishing is supposed to be...  Moments of total glory and ego checks alike.  I cast at the biggest permit I've ever seen and my guide Charlie couldn't stop taking about it, the fish was huge.

Although the permit took one look at my tiny Gotcha and laughed at me, the bonefish were more than willing to play.  Over-all, today was epic.  My fishing partner Rebecca Garlock and I both agreed it was the perfect way to end an amazing week of flats fishing.  I'm already counting the days until I return to this unbelievable fishery and the hospitality of the Andros South staff.

-Tom Larimer

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  1. Set it up...
    I'm in!

    I could have gone at least another week...or two.