Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guide Tip –Flies for Early Summer Steelhead

As spring arrives on our rivers, so do the first summer steelhead on the Sandy and Clackamas Rivers.  The steelhead fishing in April and May can be outstanding on both of these rivers.  The water temperatures are rising making fresh fish extremely aggressive.  Plus, the rivers are un-crowded.  With new leaves on the trees and the smell of spring in the air, it’s a great time to be on the water.  Here our three favorite flies and the colors we love for chasing chrome bright spring steelhead…

Hickman's Fish Taco... Delicious

Hickman’s Fish Taco –Red, Pink or Purple
A great un-weighted fly for sink-tip fishing… It’s easy to cast and the fish love it.  The red or pink version fishes well in clear water with bright conditions.  Fish the purple one on darker days or if the water has some stain.

Larimer's Loop Leech -A spring favorite

Larimer’s Loop Leech –Purple Egg Sucking, Black and Blue or Pink
Spring fish love the Purple Egg Sucking version.  The Black and Blue dressing fishes well on dark days or with stained water.  Try the pink one on brighter days.

Red & Black Reverse Marabou -Clear water killer

Larimer’s Reverse Marabou –Black & Red, Orange, Purple & Red or Purple
This fly isn’t available commercially (It will be this summer) however, fly tiers can find tying instructions for the Reverse Marabou on our website.  The Red & Black is the “go to fly” in clear water and bright conditions.  If the water is stained from run-off but the sky is bright, role the orange flavor.  The Purple and Purple and Red fish great in moderate stain under any light condition.

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