Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How To Rob A Bank, Part Four –The Foam Is Home

The Foam is Home

There’s an old saying in trout fishing; “The foam is home”.  On just about any big river, you will see foam lines.  Oregon’s Deschutes River is no exception. 

The foam is created from the breakdown of biomass in the river.  During a hatch on the Deschutes, all of the bugs –both dead and alive, end up in the foam lines creating the ultimate gravy train for hungry trout.   While you’ll see distinct foam lines along deep bank water, you’ll also find huge foam mattes in the back eddies.  These foam mattes are like going to Denny’s for the trout… It’s a smorgasbord of bugs!

Outside of funneling food to the trout, foam creates overhead cover as well.  -It’s the perfect scenario for wild trout.  Plus, foam will camouflage your cast as it lands in the zone.  Next time you’re fishing the Deschutes for trout, focus on the foam lines and good things will happen.

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