Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bahamas Bonefish Day Three

So far, my trip to Andros South in search of bonefish has been incredible.  In the past, I never considered taking a destination fly fishing trip with the primary focus on bonefish.  After all, I’m a steelhead dude… I like big fish that pull hard and jump high.  I love the fact that we earn every steelhead, we suffer for it.  In many ways, suffering is just a right of passage.

Down here in the Bahamas, “every-ting ok mon…”  The most suffering I’ve done was my beer wasn’t quit as cold as I like it for the boat ride home after the days fishing.  (Fortunately, one of the guides owns a bar conveniently located next to the dock where the beer is always 38 degrees) It’s about the most laid back place I’ve ever fished.  The local Bahamians possess a refreshing calmness about everything in their life.  Every one of them seams to be unbelievably content.  Honestly, it has a way of rubbing off on you while you’re here.

As for the fishing, all I can say is the week has been filled with blistering hot fish, many shots at monster singles and doubles and tons of laughter.  Laughter is in there because I can’t stop smiling while I’m here.  The guides are great, the lodge is first class, and the folks fishing here are all loving it.  It’s been one of the most enjoyable fishing experiences I’ve ever had.  

-Tom Larimer

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  1. Guess I won't have to ask you how the trip was. Glad you are loving it.