Monday, March 7, 2011

Clackamas & Sandy Steelhead Report

Just a quick report from the Clackamas.  The recent rains have brought the river up and with it new steelhead have arrived.  Water temps are still fairly low and the fish are acting like it.  Not a lot of bone crushing grabs but at least they're finally eating the fly!  We've been finding fish almost every day.

With the river running in the mid 12' range, good color and warming water temperatures, we should see more new fish and improving conditions in the upcoming weeks.

I fished the lower Sandy today with Brian Styskal.  There's still a lot of sand from the flood in the lower river but it's slowly making it's way out of the system.  We hooked one but broke it off as it charged like a bull for a log jam.  Heartbreak!  So it goes with winter fishing... Things can go sideways real quick!  Still, it felt great to feel the pull of a good fish.

-Tom Larimer

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