Thursday, March 3, 2011

Deschutes Flyfishing Report for Maupin Area

Went fishing yesterday even though the water was off color and the visibility was poor. It had been about two weeks and I couldn’t stand it any longer. We drove down to Sumac which is below Oak Springs. I tied on a caddis net spinning larva imitation I have been working on, a small split shot, and an indicator. I cast in upstream put in an upstream mend and we were off. First cast fish on. I have a witness. Of course I was excited, this was going to be a great day and this new pattern would the next newest and greatest fly. A dozen casts later, having covered this nice little run thoroughly, I changed flies. Maybe it isn’t the next miracle fly. Oh well time to move.

Wind was blowing pretty good by now so we headed toward home. We stopped at table top. I put on a Larimer golden stone nymph pattern and after 8 or so casts hooked into a very nice 14 to 15 inch trout. Lost it in the heavy current but had a good battle.

You need to move on this river. You need to move up and down the road. You need to move when in the water or on the bank. Move. Also move your indicator. Nymph fishing is challenging and you need to find out at what depth the fish are feeding at this spot. The depth may very well change at the next spot. You may even elect to move your dropper or trailing fly. MOVE.


Joe Ringo

Barometer:  29.7 falling
Air Temp: @9:00em 45   @ 3:00pm 50
Water Temp: @ 1:30pm 46
Wind: @ 9:00am Calm  @ noon  windy
Sky: mostly sunny
Water Vis: about 2 ft
Water color: bad
CFS: 6220

Joe Ringo

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