Friday, March 4, 2011

Oregon Fly Fishing Report in Maupin area

I did go fishing for about an hour. Skunked.  Saw some really small adult caddis flies on stream side rocks. They might have been micro caddis or maybe Glossosom -saddle-case-makers, little tan short horn sedge. Don't really know, what ever it is small. There was a sparse bwo hatch but no fish rising. Saw my first March Brown adult of the season, only one however. The water color is really BAD.

Barometer: 30.0  rising
Air Temp:  @9.00am 50  @ noon 55
Water Temp: @ noon 45
Wind: @ 9:00am calm  @ noon slight
Water Vis: 2 ft maybe
Water Color: bad worse than yesterday


  1. Hi Joe,
    Great website.Good river updates. Got your report on boots and cleats. Just bought a pair of Corkers with various soles (with and without cleats) at the Portland show. Any thoughts about their performance on the Deschutes? I have both felt with cleats and the rubber with large and small cleats.
    I've been told by others as well that you simply can't walk with the rubber no matter what the tread design.
    Go catch a fish!
    see you soon,

  2. In our experience, felt with studs works the best for the Deschutes on the Korkers boots. If I were you, I would dedicate your felt soles to the Deschutes and use your rubber soles for when you travel to other fisheries. That way you'll have great traction for the "D" but won't spread invasive species to or from other rivers.
    Good luck!