Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Deschutes Flyfishing Report for Maupin Area

I really like hunting for fish, trout and steelhead. One reason I love to sight fish for trout is, it is generally easy. We walk high banks next to the shore and look for fish feeding at the surface or at mid depth. We also sit on the bank and observe the water close to the bank, especially under the trees. We are looking for a fin that breaks the surface, a subtle swirl or a flash just below the surface, maybe even a nose poking through, sipping something which will cause a little ripple on the surface.

Deschutes River fish love to hold in the quiet, slower moving water next to the bank because so much food is delivered there.

I say sight fishing is easy because you know where the fish are. You are casting to working visible fish; nymph fishing is another story all together. You don’t know where the fish are in the water column today or even this time of day.

Let’s start with fishing bank water first because it’s really fun, generally easy, and very, very productive. Once you learn to fish bank water successfully it will be easier to learn to read and find other productive water. I see a lot of anglers waste time fishing water that doesn’t hold fish. Have you ever heard the old saying “they are standing where they should be fishing”? So very true here.

To be continued….

Skaters have consequences!

Joe Ringo

Barometer: @ 8:00am 29.9 steady
Air Temp: @ 8:00am  42  @ 1:30  58
Water Temp: @ 1:30pm  46
Wind: calm
Sky:  Partly cloudy all day
Waer Vis:  3.5 feet or so better again today
Water Color: Better but not good
CFS: 5120

The adult flies we saw today included: bwo, march brown, caddis size 16 or 14, small caddis, and midge.

Skaters are a life style!

Joe Ringo

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