Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Deschutes Flyfishing Report for Maupin Area

Finding Fish

Wow! What a huge subject. Many really good books have been written on this subject. I will not try to paraphrase all that literature here, but I will pick a few items and apply them to what happens on the Deschutes River in the Maupin area.

A year or so ago I watched a couple dvd’s by Wendell Ozefovich titled “The Underwater World of Trout” Vol 1 and 2. What an eye opening experience. One of the central themes was how easy it was for trout to live in and hold and feed in fast heavy water. I highly recommend these dvd’s.

All the previous information in books and magazines and guides, etc., all claimed that trout live in the softer water because……

After seeing these dvd’s I started to fish in faster and heavier water than I had been before. My results have been surprising. More bigger and stronger fish. I still hunt for active and feeding fish in the back eddies, along the banks and under the trees, and especially in foam lines close to shore. But this just gives me more options and opportunities to mix it up. I love to try new stuff from tactics, to lines, to flies.

Stay tuned... more to follow.


Joe Ringo

Barometer:  29.9  falling.
Air Temp: @ 8:00am 34  @ noon 45
Water Temp: @ noon 45
Wind: @ 8:00 none  @ noon slight breeze.
Sky: Clear and Sunny
Water Vis:  3 ft or so better than yesterday.
Water Color:  still off, but better than yesterday.
CFS: 5090


Joe Ringo

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