Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Deschutes Flyfishing Report for Maupin Area


Barometer:  29.8 falling
Air Temp:  @ 9:00am  46
Water Temp: @ noon 46
Wind: @ 9:00am slight  @ noon slight
Sky: overcast
Water Vis: 2.5 ft
Water Color: not good
CFS:  6100

Was on the water early today.  Went to a run close to town called table top.  Hooked 3 fish using a dark pheasant tail style nymph with a cdc hackle collar.  I have been adding cdc to most of my maylfy nymphs the past couple of years.  I don't really know if it has increased my catch rate or not.  I have never been a numbers guy so I can't compare one with the other.  But there are so many variables it would still be very hard to determine. I like it and that's all that counts.  Broke off one really nice fish.  Bad knot?

If you have taken any nymph samples on this river or have seen any of Rick Hafele's videos or books you will see there are a lot of dark nymphs in the river.  They will be in various shapes from a nice pheasant tail style to a more robust shape like a gold ribbed hares ear.  They will be in a wide range of sizes from 20 to 12.  Size 16's and 18's seem to work the best. Generally on this river small is better.  Take a sample and compare the naturals to your imitations.  I would guess the flies in your box are larger than naturals.

Skaters create!

Joe Ringo

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