Monday, March 7, 2011

Deschutes Flyfishing Report for Maupin Area

What a great day. Bright sunshine and 50 plus degrees. We had some company on the river today. It’s great to see other fishermen on the water. It is just peaceful and calming. Talked to several anglers, no one did really well, but a few fish to hand. Fishing is a fun pleasurable activity and just because we don’t always catch as many fish as we might like, it’s really great to be here. It can some times be frustrating but don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy the day, the water, celebrate the sun and the calmingness. Life on the river is the best.


Joe Ringo

Barometer:  30.2  steady
Air Temp: @ 8:00am 36  @noon 54
Water Temp: @ noon 44
Wind: @ 8:00am zero  @ noon zero
Sky:  @ 9:00am  clear and sunny
Water Vis:  3ft or so
Water Color: bad
CFS: 6000


Joe Ringo

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